Custom Dashboards

Today’s business owners need to see deep into their organizations, and fast. Dashboards should tell the story of your business and make sense to your audience. Whatever metrics you as a business owner talk about all the time, that’s what needs to be in the dashboard.

Having access to a comprehensive, accurate snapshot of the business is important for making informed decisions and efficiently running operations. The customized financial dashboards offered by the VGraham team allow executives or stakeholders, in the midst of their busy schedules, to quickly view key performance indicators, identify what is “off” or needs to be addressed, and drill down to determine progress toward key metrics. Measuring financial indicators in the context of operational decisions is key to understanding the why behind the numbers and addressing critical questions in order to make smarter business decisions and improve profitability.


  • The VGraham team consults with the client to identify the key metrics and data based on the nature of the client’s business.
  • Relevant internal data systems are cleaned up and pulled into the dashboard to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Working with the client, the team determines the best way to visualize the identified metrics.
  • Real-time reporting allows the client to quickly understand trends and act.