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Scenario 1

ABC Co. provides logos/graphics for a specialized industry and has a large volume of inventory. Over time the need grew for better management of the inventory and real time systems to meet growing customer requests.  As outsourced CFO, we identified and implemented changes in the steps and systems around inventory, order fulfillment and billing, such that the resources and systems were restructured and redirected to the appropriate task/areas, resulting in an increase in productivity from effective, efficient use of resources and systems.

Scenario 2

ABC Co is in the construction industry and is experiencing significant growth.  Management’s focus is on better reporting tools and systems to effectively manage their growing list of projects.  As outsourced CFO, we have played an integral role in the implementation of time capture software on job sites and creation of job cost reporting to enable management to manage jobs effectively and manage profitability.  In addition, we improved upon the existing reporting tools in the reporting system and created new customized reports to enhance management of jobs and overall company performance.