Financial Systems, Processes and Practices

As companies continue to have steady growth, business owners will adapt financial staff and systems to meet the increase in business volume and/or business complexity. Over time, companies often find the need to address process inefficiencies that have become cumbersome and produce time delays in necessary business functions. These delays create poor visibility into business performance and prohibit the management team from seeing the impact of business variables on a timely basis.

Streamlining business processes includes identifying areas where automation could be put in place to capture data timely and report financial results real time. This also includes working with the financial staff to improve their workflow, eliminate inefficient tasks and implement better processes and practices to focus their efforts on reporting that supports management in making better decisions and results in timely reporting.  Such work elevates staff members, enabling them to make a greater contribution and create more satisfaction in their work product while creating more effective financial management and reporting for management and owners.

Specific Deliverables

  • Automation of financial systems and processes
  • Implementation of job cost systems and reporting
  • Incentive plan design and implementation
  • Improvement in use of business applications