Forecasting, Reporting and Analysis

Over time, a business owner finds the need for more meaningful financial reporting and analysis. In some cases, the need may be as simple as creating the ability to see financial performance in a more accurate and timely manner.  For instance, creating the ability to see revenue earned based on percent complete on work in progress on a timely basis. For other business owners, the need for better reporting and analysis relates to strategic decisions in which the business owner is contemplating paydown of significant debt, restructuring of debt or ownership, raise of capital or ability to take advantage of future growth opportunities on the horizon. To further understand and effectively address these business challenges, a business owner needs a trusted business partner to provide a clear financial picture, including forecasts, models and analysis that present the financial impact of business decisions and effect on cash flow. Such analyses are important to not only a young company looking to make an initial investment in a product launch and to build a team to deliver a product but also to the more mature business looking to capitalize on growth opportunities that demand a change to their business model and/or structure.

Specific Deliverables

  • Analysis and metrics for better performance
  • Timely, useful financial reporting
  • Modeling to support business decisions, transactions and valuations
  • Create dashboards to measure performance