Delivery of Services

Engagements can be designed to fit the business need:

Outsourced CFO on a long term basis – A typical engagement of this nature is one where a business needs a CFO role/skillset for the long term on their management team but wants flexibility and ability to manage this expense.  Vanessa will spend a significant portion of time on site for an initial period of time getting integrated into the business processes and organization while implementing effective business processes and practices.  This initial phase will then be followed by providing this skillset on a more part time basis, still enabling access to the CFO as needed but not burdening the organization with the overhead expense year round.  As the organization ramps up for growth opportunities, business changes and/or transactions, Vanessa can reengage with more significant time as needed.

Project work – This would be applicable to smaller organizations that do not have the ability to hold a CFO on any extended term but need a high level resource to effectively work through specific projects/phases, such as guidance and analysis for raising capital and forecasting and modeling to support business decisions.